Fashion Record @ Macquarie Univeristy

After graduated from uni for almost two years, I am back to my alma mater again for my friend’s graduation ceremony.  For respecting my friend’s ceremony, I could not wear too causal. On this sunny day with breeze, I chose to wear a easy and relatively formal wear. Undoubtedly, skirt is the most suitable. I do not know why recently denim is very common. Not only the denim jean, but also the denim skirt and even shirt is very popular nowadays. As working as a Fashion Store Assistant, I could be able to figure out this trend based on the new items on stock.

A three quarters long sleeve top with navy and white stripes.



With the skirt, its a long denim navy, which length is up my knee. IMG_1429

With the shoe, it a black flat shoe.


All black is too dark for me, so I chose a white clutch to neutralise the whole outfit.


Top @Uniqlo


Flat shoe @ Alexander McQueen

Clutch @aph troupe

Fashion Record @ Kiyomizu-dera Temple

After fallen asleep for the first day, my sis Karen was getting better on the second day of the trip. Hence, all of us went to Kiyomizu-dera Temple on schedule. As I mentioned before, our hotel was located in the west of Kyoto, we had to take train from Arashiyama station to the centre of Kyoto for interchanging bus. Luckily, the bus stop was just right in front of Kyoto station, we didn’t have to walk far. The weather in Kyoto was really cold, it was like 5-8 degrees celcious . For keeping warm, it is necessary to cover our heads with hoods.

One of the main reasons we are keen to go to Kiyomizu-dera Temple is to experience of traditional Japanese apparel, Kimono. While we were planning for the trip, my sister and I browsed lots of website for the variety of the Kimono. Finally, we chose Okamoto and made a quick reservation on its website. There are various type of style and colour, but we both prefer cute style.

Okamoto Kimono

I chose Kimono in pale pink with Sakura. With the belt and hand bag, matching the colour of Kimono, I chose hot red. Karen chose a relatively fancy flower Kimono. One thing I would like to compliment Okamoto was the impressive services. You can see they even offered the right colour’s slipper. I have to give them a thumb up for the excellent services.



Hope you enjoyed my first Kimono journey! 🙂

Hiro Wagyu Japanese Beef @Kyoto

For the first day of dinner, my aunt and I went to the city of Kyoto for Yakiniku (Japanese Barbeque). As I mentioned on my precious blog, our hotel was located in Arashiyama, where is in the East of Kyoto, it took around 40 mins to travel between two places by train. Luckily, we got on an express. It took only 30 mins. We saved 10 mins up for doing chemist shopping. Here is the night view in the city of Kyoto. On the photo, I was faced to Kyoto station and Kyoto Theatre. At my back, it is Kyoto Tower, the highest building in Kyoto.


The restaurant is recommended by my aunt’s colleagues. There are over four branches of the Hiro Yakiniku in Japan. We just randomly chose the one which is closer to Kyoto Theatre. Probably it is the most convenient to get there. Before I made the reservation, I checked the comments specifically on Zomato. Also, I browsed their website to make sure all the type of beefs are Wagyu. As we all know, Japan is one of the most popular countries where offers good quality of Waguy beefs.


We ordered a raw beef and veggie salad for appetiser.

With the main course, we ordered diced beefs and beef skirts for barbeque which were served with lectures. We also ordered a beef brisket cold noodle.

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Hope you enjoyed my food journey 😊

Brunch @ Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously, Sydney

Today I would like to share a cafe named Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously which is located in the heart of city in Sydney. Somehow I thought you have been told that my sister and I are super ‘urbanist’. We live in the city. Normally, we just eat and shop within CBD area. Our place is just right next to Central station. This is one of the reason that we love seeking food in the centre of the city.

Haven is just right opposite to Central station, even though it belongs to the area of Surry Hills. On the platform 23 of Central station, we are able to see this cafe interestingly.

Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously

30-34 Chalmers Street, Surry Hills, Sydney


As you had been told, I went overseas for almost a month. For certain period of time before my trip, I used to be outdated about the list of good cafes in Sydney. And I almost forgot this nice cafe. But recently, Haven launched new desserts of egg waffles. That’s the reason I am back to there for an account of its reputation.

The owner is also HongKer, but surprisingly the whole decoration in the cafe is full of Australian style. They used lots of woods and tiny hanging lamps in order to offer a comfortable environment for people to chill out.

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For the main course, my sister and I ordered the same dish. It was Tartar salmon avocado with toast and two poached eggs.  If you are a fan of salmon, I would strongly recommend this to you.

For the dessert session, our best friend Maggie joined us.


We ordered two egg waffles in two different flavours for sharing. They are respectively Matcha and Cheese-kimchi.


Matcha is my favourite flavour, it is undoubted to be my first choice. However, when I first heard of the combination of cheese and Kimchi and also been told that it was the most famous dish by the waiter, I was resisted since it sounded disgusting. But obviously the spicy kimchi matched the salty cheese and sweet ice cream. BOTH ARE WORTH TO HAVE A TRY!!

Thanks for reading this blog. I hope you enjoyed my food journey. 🙂

Yoshimura Soba @Kyoto

First of all, I have to apologise that I have not been posted my foodie record for awhile. In spite of working only three days a week, I am always lazy to switch on the computer for summarising my food adventure. But now, I would like to share my last family trip in Japan with all you guys. Hope you enjoy my belated update.

As all my friends know, I love traveling especially going to Japan. Japan is one of my favourite countries. Since I was four years old, I have been to Japan for over six or seven times. Not only the nice residents there, but also the delicious foods attract me a lot. Even though I have been few times already, I am still that enthusiastic for planning and preparations for the trip, feel like a primary school student who looks forward to the annual school picnic with excitement.

This February, I was going to Kyoto and Osaka with my family again. On the first day of the trip,unfortunately my sister got sick and even she could not walk properly. After checked in and all settled down, she stayed at the hotel and slept for the whole day.  But my aunty and I crept out of the room very carefully to avoid waking my sister up, also we sought for yummy foods in Kyoto near our hotel. The first meal we had in Kyoto was a Soba lunch. The restaurant names Yoshimura in Arashiyama, Kyoto. The restaurant got an excellent location where is just right in front of Togetsukyo. We were please to enjoy the nice soba while facing to the nice and peaceful scene. I strongly recommend this restaurant to all the foodies who love soba.


右京区嵯峨天龍寺芒ノ馬場町3, Kyoto, Japan 616-8385



Lots of plants and bamboo surround the whole restaurant

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My aunt and I ordered the same Soba, which was cold soba with prawn tempura.


RE Camera


A Strange Dream I Had



I had a strange dream last night. I dreamed about using shovel and digging in my aunt’s backyard in Vancouver with my sister and a group of Tang’s family cousins. After what seemed like hours of hard work, two objects came into view. One was a metal box. In it was a map made of animal skins. The other was an old oil lamp covered in mud. I was the only one overjoyed to find them. Being very poor at that time, I thought these two things were a godsend, which might help me find a great fortune somewhere. I was still thinking about how to begin the treasure hunt when dozens of sailors descended on us. They all wanted us to lead them to explore exotic places in the world. After voted, we all gladly agreed our smartest cousin, Jon Ho to be their captain. And the rest of us assisted him. When we got ready and were about to set sail, my aunt, a dignified primary school teacher, blocked us to go on this “seemed-to-be” dangerous adventure. While she was analyzing the seriousness and consequence, my alarm clock went off and I woke up. It was only a dream. I know this dream was little weird and ridiculous. The dream may have some meaning, but I have not been able to figure out so far. Probably you guys are always in my heart even though I am thousand miles away.

A big appreciation to my old host mom


First of all, I would like to interfere you with few minutes that I am pleased to bring a special person out on this free and peaceful platform. This human being is known as the most influential and courageous person I have ever met in my life. Not only the positive personality, but also the abstract philosophy could be learnt from this person. Without this person, I would not feel loved and welcomed in a foreign country.

Regarding to the above implicit introduction, you might want to congratulate me on meeting a new boyfriend or even you might think that I was going to announce an important occasion, which might be happened in the nearly future. Unfortunately, I will make you guys be disappointed.

In fact, I would like to express my sincere gratitude for my old Canadian host mother – Holly by utilising simply words. Before I moved to Canada from Hong Kong, I never thought of a person, who did not know me well, could treat me as her part of family faithfully. She was acting like the role my real mother when I was in Canada. One of the most impressive things she did for me was emotional support unlimitedly. During the period my grandma was about to die, she consoled me a lots and advised me to spend more time with my grandma. After my grandma’s death, she even offered any unconditional support to me. To end up what she did for me, I can’t thank her enough by using simple words. She is now not only my old host mother, but she is also my forever friend and soul mate. Since she is moving to Toronto from Vancouver soon, I wish her all the best in the new place. This post is as a gift for her moving.

Holly is a brave single mom I know. A severe illness changed her way of looking at things, including marriage, value of system and even motto. Holly, a professional dance teacher for over 10 years, would never think of suffering from serious sickness. Being healthy for the first of her half-century, the sudden cancer might be a bolt out of blue for her. But luckily Holly did not choose to escape; she could bear the fact of her terrible situation, and even being optimistic to face all of the hard challenges by her-self. Base on this incident, I found that Holly is the bravest woman I have ever seen.

As saying goes, “Misfortunate tests the sincerity of companion.” This saying was happened to Holly sadly. She literally proved how selfish and rude her British husband was after she was diagnosed with cancer. She chose to divorce this guy who totally hurt her most. Even though she divorced, she could able to put her anger and sadness down by telling me marriage is sacred. For not being subjective, she tried to use an alternative way to chat with me (She did not want to affect my way of thinking when I was only eighteen). In general, she is a prudential mom to consider not influencing me in the fear of marriage base on her failure; she also encouraged me to accept the guy who had a crush on me. To be honest, I truly appreciate her conduct of leaving her spouse during the saddest and hardest period when she had to cure for cancer. HOLLY!! YOU ARE SUCH AN IRON LADY.

Furthermore, many life principles have been learnt from her. She always exhorted me with the right attitude to our family and even making friends. We ought to treat our family and close friends sincerely and nicely, without expecting any return. Hence, I strongly understood that the key of maintaining a good interpersonal relationship is to treat the other party with respect and compassion.

As we all know, striking up a friendship is often easier than maintain one. Luckily Holly and I both hold on the same view. We believe the longest and strongest friendship requires the most care. But some people tend to take such a friendship for grant. As the saying goes, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” So, we think friendships are often damaged because people are careless of what they say or do. It is always a pity to see good friends end up going the separate ways. To maintain friendship, we should first keep in close touch with others. The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind,” seems to warn that friendship will fade away if friends lose touch. Also, people should spare no effort to offer help when friends need it. It is sometimes necessary to show tolerance.

Holly! I hope our friendship can remain the same forever. I LOVE YOU!! MY SECOND MOM IN CANADA ❤